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We develop online incentive portals to motivate employees and manage sales, which we support with everything from tailor-made adjustments to reward logistics.

Thanks to individual advice provided by our business intelligence, marketing and sales experts, we can predict which measures and rewards will make the most of your budget to help you motivate your staff and sales teams to give their best performance.

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Why rewards have a greater motivational effect than cash


A sombre-looking, impersonal figure on a bank-balance receipt leads at best to a short-lived increase in motivation because the emotional attachment is missing. Additionally, cash usually just gets swallowed up by household expenses and is associated with neither the behaviour it was designed to reward nor with the company.

Bonus rewards

Scientific studies have shown: bonus incentives as rewards for good performance express praise, recognition and appreciation. This emotional currency leads to more sustainable performance motivation and to increased staff loyalty.



Profitable sales management

Do you want to increase your sales with seasonal, regional and individual targeting? With our netcentive® incentive programme and related business intelligence, it's easy.

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Employee retention through emotional intelligence

Do you want to improve satisfaction, enthusiasm, motivation, loyalty and commitment among your employees? Recognize outstanding performance with our netcentive® incentive programme.

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Reward initiatives

Corporate gifts? Sales promotion? Christmas gifts for your employees? Staff and customer loyalty is also achievable without an incentive programme.

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Success stories


"We started seeing positive effects within a short time. Employees have recruited staff, sick leave has decreased and the atmosphere has continued to improve."

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LeasePlan Go

"The system does more than communicate our brand promise (simple, transparent and fair). It also provides us with a new positive level of cooperation with dealerships, not least through the various reporting options."

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